Our Story

A fast growing engineering enterprise that strives to provide technology-based solutions to a wide range of clientele in Pakistan and abroad. AMTech has matured tremendously since its establishment, both in its customer base as well as in its knowledge and skills on current trends in advanced materials and their emerging technologies. We specialize in product development, manufacturing, training and consultation. Market-leading engineering systems and solutions for various applications in materials, nanotechnology, bio-materials, processing, manufacturing, etc. Experienced and qualified team that comprises of engineers, scientists, technology and business experts.

Our Team

CEO/MD – Materials Engineer


Director – Chemical


Manager – Technical


Materials for Peace & Prosperity


Short courses on advanced materials, heat treatments, micro-structural evaluation of materials and analytical techniques, quality management etc.

Testing & Certification

» IEC and UL Standards
» PSQCA Standards
» Environmental Safety
» Environmental Management expertise


Solutions to materials problems and industrial consultancy is available for:
» Materials development for Nanotechnology, Automotive, surgical, textile, sports, etc.
» Heat treatment, and manufacturing process design
» Reverse engineering
» Industrial Safety Assessment
» Business Improvement using Six Sigma Methodologies